Palais de Tokyo

Creative Gallery

Apparition is a moving-image installation by  Inoui, first shown at the Palais de Tokyo in october 2014 as part of the Creative Gallery group show.

Apparition initially takes cues from the Surrealist practice of the “Cadavre exquis”.
The ever-changing artwork is an interactive projection, consisting of a combination of graphic elements. The projection can be either on a canvas or in an enclosed space. The viewer goes through a dark/claustrophobic room to become bathed in light. In pure light a multiple combination of graphic elements take place. This becomes a sensory experience. The viewer is in the light, making one with the Apparition.

Graphic compositions are constantly generated from an infinite number of combinations of elements, and projected onto the canvas, becoming an infinity of preciously framed “peintures de maitre”. The interactive piece has the ability to change and respond to the presence and point of view of the viewer. The viewer is invited to take an active role in the creation of the piece and/or becomes the contents of the piece.

This also works as an allegory of art as a craft in the computer age, playing with the widespread preconception that PC-generated art is cold and generic. Apparition sees the immaterial come to life on the tangibility of a white canvas.